Here, How to Fix Google Maps Navigation Crashing Issue

Many users like me facing the navigation crashing issue in the Google Maps now. Almost every users facing this issue and complaining for the same. Here I got the quick solution to fix this issue, just follow below steps to fix this. Android Police shared the full tutorial to solve this issue, here I am sharing the link and the tutorial both to fix Navigation Crash issue.

AndroidPolice: How to Fix Navigation Crash issue

What Problem we are facing:

Whenever I am trying to use navigation feature using Maps on an Android Auto head unit. My display show me the device not found error message on the screen.and the device still won’t be discover-able even if I unplug and replug my phone in.

Here, How to Fix Google Maps Navigation Crashing Issue

All you need to do is Google released the bug fix update for the navigation crash issue. Google Maps(Android Auto v2.4.7228) you need to download. Find the APK file link below.

 Link to Download APK File


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