Game Live APK to Download for All Android Phones

Game Live APK to Download For All : To Stream Stream Your Screen Live to Facebook, Twitch, Twitter or YouTube

Now you can stream your mobile screen live on Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube with Game Live App.  It’s Now available for all to download and use. Find the list of compatible devices and other details of Game Live below.
Samsung Game Live will allow users to live stream their gaming prowess to various other services.
Once installed, you’re able to select between Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Youtube for live streaming gaming action.
Videos will be capped at 4GB, or “around 200 minutes at high quality”, but you will be able to stream for longer at lower resolutions. Sessions can also be saved for viewing or sharing at a later date.

We have seen that AndroidPolice’s developers have tried it on Samsung S8. Here are the screenshots from the Androidpolice post.

You can also get this app on your phone below is the link to Get the APK File


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