GBoard Keyboard Got incognito Mode Feature: Download APK HERE v6.5

Google has released new smart update of Gboard keyboard. The keyboard have been updated with new features and bug fixes. Here is the version details and change-log of this Gboard update.

APK version:

  • App Version:

  • APK File Size: 23.33 MB
  • Supported Device: Android 4.2 to Android 8.0 Devices

Change-logs or What’s New?

The app got new smart feature incognito mode in supporting apps. So you will not going to recognize what your are typing through the keyboard after today’s update. As this feature is supported for limited number of apps. So you have be sure before using that app support that perticular app or not?

Else we found below changes in the app.

  • Android TV support in Android 8.0

  • New language layouts: Khowar, Tamazight (Latin), Tamazight (Tifinagh)
  • Bug fixes

That’s It.

Download this update from the below link

Gboard Keyboard v6.5 APK


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