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Pixel 2 Launcher APK to Download for all Android Device

Pixel 2 Launcher APK is haven't published yet for all to download, but have the final and secure APK to get all Pixel 2 features on any Android devices. Get the APK File of Pixel 2 Launcher and also find the full change-log below.

Pixel 2 Launcher Features : 

- Enable google now and weather without installing as a system app
- Enable notification badges for M & N
- Add pull down to open notifications drawer
- Fix blue folders on Xperia devices
- Change accent color to Pixel blue
- Add circle icon shape for Nexus on stock O
- Force circle icons option
- Force colored Google logo option
- Dark theme
- Dark text theme

Simply download the APK file form the below link and run it on your phone to install it. And don't forget to uninstall you old Pixel Launcher first (if you already have one).
This is only tested on 7.1.1. If this is working on other Android versions please report back.
Pixel 2 Launcher APK To download

- Pixel 2 Launcher modded v3.0.1.apk - Pixel 2…

Get PIXEL 2 MAKEOVER on Any Android Smartphone

Do you want to change your smartphone's interface of look like Pixel 2?

If you don’t know how to do that, then we are here with the guide for you.

It's an Alternatively to get Pixel 2, you just need to download the original APK file directly from the Pixel 2 with its Live Universe screen background, or use the new Nova Launcher update.

Let's Start :

Things you will need

Action Launcher - Cost 3.99 $Zooper Widget Pro - Cost 2.99 $ Pixel 2 Calendar Widget for Zooper WidgetPixel 2 Launcher APK to Download for all Android Device
Instruction :

Open the Action Launcher Settings.Tap on Quicktheme:Choose the Clean Material theme.Tap on Quickbar:Choose your Search Box style (dock).Choose the Color option and modify the transparency to 15%.Move the cursor over the Corner Size option and change to 100%.Tap on Logo search, select Change icon and then choose the Google G (color) option.Tap on Icon pack and choose the Pixel Launcher theme (or whatever theme you like)
Oreo's Adaptive …

Download YouTube v12.42.59 APK File & Get New Activity Tab

What You will read
YouTube v12.42 Change-logBrief info of new YouTube v12.42.59 APK UpdateAPK file to download
Download the new APK file of YouTube, the most popular video streaming app got new activity tab where you can easily find and control all of your notifications. Do find the full change-log below.

What's New?

• New Activity tab where you can easily find and control all of your notifications
• Swipe to remove videos from playlists you've created

We found above change-log or you can say new features in latest YouTube APK update.
As I said above are the change-log and brief of YouTube v12.42.59 apk update.
Below is the link to download the APK file this update

YouTube v12.42

WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.395 APK to Download : Deleting Messages Feature

Whatsapp have got the most awaiting feature today. Yes, whatsapp got new deleting messages feature for all. This new feature will help you to delete messages for everyone or just for yourself.

Do find everything in detail of this update here :
Enable WhatsApp's Delete Message Feature : You can Delete Messages On WhatsApp after you send them : APK to Download

You will find the full change-log and how to use new deleting message feature in whatsapp. You will also find the screenshot of new delete feature.

Download the APK File of this update from below link

WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.395


Breaking News, Now you can delete or revoke your messages after you've sent them. The most popular Char app now enabling you to effectively take back what you've said and strike it from the record.

This is definitely a most useful feature to revoke our typo error messages or messages which we send by mistake.

Follow below steps to delete messages for all on WhatsApp :

  This steps will permanently delete a message sent to WhatsApp.
Select the message.Click on the Delete menu item.Select Delete for all.  This feature you can perform only in 7 minutes from sending time. Once you perform the above action you will get the popup message "This message has been deleted". If the message is not deleted, you will not receive any notification message and, if you're not quick enough, the recipient may still see the message before it is deleted (a whole new WhatsApp-related anxiety to welcome to our lives).

Below is the screenshot of the delete for all message option :

You can…

The Most Awaited Google Play Store v8.3.73 APK Update To Download : Play Store App Verified Badge

The most popular App store, "Google Play Store" Got the new update today. The app got new verified badge feature for listed apps. Basically it's an security improvement the verified badge identify that the listed app is verified by the Google terms and you can download it without any hesitation. Do find more info below.

What's New ?

App Verified Badge : This Verified badge indicate that the App is 100% secure as per the Play Store security terms.

Below is the screenshot of the verified badge.

You can see the green verified badge with the txt Verified by play protect, below the app downloading bar.

Else we also found some other security patches in the app. Which will give you the best app experience.

Go through the below link to download the APK FIle

Google Play Store v8.3.73 APK

Google Has Launched Google Play services 11.7.43 APK Update : Download Now

Google Play Services also got new update with the app security and app functionality improvement. Do find the full change-log and the app features below.

What's New?

App Security ImprovementApp Functionality EnhancementAll App Compatibility
The Play Services app has been updated to v11.7.43 with all other app compatibility. You can download the APK file from below.

Below is the link to download the APK file

Google Play Servies v11.7.43 APK Beta Version
Google Play services for Instant Apps

Google has Launched Google+ v9.23 APK to download with Performance enhancements

Google's most popular social media app Google plus has been updated, the app has been updated to v9.23 with the app performance enhancement and app speed and security improvement.

What's New? Speed ImprovementBug FixesSecurity Improvement We found the above changes in the today's update. We have analyzed this update by installing it on Nexus 6P which was running with Android N.
Below is the Link to Download the APK File

Google v9.23 APK

Google Has Launched New Google Duo v21.0 APK update with Bug Fixes

Google's new video calling app Google Duo got new update. Team of Google developers have fixed all the previous bugs in the app in the latest update. The update is now live to download for all Go through the post to get the download link.

What's New?
Bug FixesPerformance ImprovementSpeed ImprovementNetwork Dropping issue fix (For India) The app have some major changes in the app to improve the app performance and app speed. We have tested this update on Nexus 6P which is running on Android N.

Go through the below link to download the APK file

Google Duo v21.0 APK

Google App v7.13.28 APK To Download : The app got new Feature for Better Experience

The Google search app got new update with some in-app enhancement and improvement in app functionality for better experience. Do find the change-log of this update below.

What's New?

We’ve updated the feed on the homepage of the Google app to help you better keep up to date with the topics that matter to you.Get sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories to read and more.Follow topics, directly from Search results, including sports teams, famous people, bands, TV shows, and more.Easily search for the topics you see in your feed by tapping on the tapping on the subject header at the top of each card We found above changes in the today's update. We have installed this update in Nexus 6P. If you can't wait to get this update from Play Store then below is the link to download the APK file.
Click on Below Link to Download The APK File
Google App v7.13 APK
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Google Play Services v11.7.43 Beta APK Update To Download

Google Play Services also have new update for today. Just after the Play Store's new update (Google Play Store v8.3.43 APK) Play Services also got new update with the latest app compatibility.

Google Play Store v8.3.43 APK to Download : It Supports all Android 4+ Devices

Are you facing any issue or error while downloading or updating apps or games from Play Store. If yes, then here is the new update of Google Play Store with all the bug fixes and improvement in the app performance.

This update supports to all Android 4.0+ devices. Which is very common these days less than 5% Android users are using Android 4.0 below OS.

Below are the change-log of this update

We found  all major bug fixes in today's update which resolve the app crashing and improve other app functionality

We also seen minor visual changes in the Home Page screen in the app. The will show you the sponsored apps with the Ad tag on Home screen. So you will get the idea about the app popularity.

Below is the link to download the APK File of this update.

Google Play Store v8.3.43 APK

Snapchat Introduced New 'Context Cards' Feature : Get it Right Now

Snapchat has introduced new feature call Context Cards to enhance the user experience, It will be more useful for all Snapchat users. It will enhance the user experience.

Do find the full changes below.

In the increasingly capricious social media industry, Snapchat is something of a veteran these days. As it struggles to stay relevant in the lives young smartphones users around the world, it continues to throw various new features at the wall in the hope that some will stick.

The latest lightbulb moment from the company comes in the form of 'Context Cards,' which offer you additional information about where the snap you're viewing was taken.

The premise is so simple you wonder why they've only just come up with it. When you're viewing a snap or a story in the app, you can swipe up from the bottom to view contextual information about the location of the sender.

The cards will contain material from various partners, including TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and Michelin. T…

Gboard - Google Keyboard v6.6 APK to [Quick Post]

Gboard Google Keyboard app got new update today with new changes and new features. We are here to with the link of the APK file to download. DO find the all details of this update and also find the change-log of this update.

What's New?

* Say it with stickers! Now you can express yourself with new downloadable sticker packs. Tap the emoji icon to get started.
* Share search results cards directly into an app
* Support for transliteration in Greek and Armenian

Above are the official change-log of this update. Below is the link to download the APK file.
GBoard Keyboard APK to Download

Gboard v6.6 APK

List of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROM Compatible Devices

As we all know that the most Advanced Android OS has been announced by Google recently.

Here we are with the official list of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROM Compatible devices. Do find the all Company's mobile devices list below.

YouTube 12.39.57 APK to Download : New Video Playback speed Adjustment Option [Quick Post]

YouTube 12.39.57 APK to Download : New Video Playback speed Adjustment Option

Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device.

What's New? Adjust video playback speed with new player controlsUpdated the design of the YouTube header and logo Below is the App Info :  Version: 12.39.57 (1239572300)arm Package: 362 downloads27.15 MB (28,464,241 bytes)Min: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)Target: Android 7.1 (Nougat MR1, API 25) Click on the below link to download the APK File of this update

YouTube v12.39 APK

Google Play Services v1.26 Instant Apps Update : Download It Here

Google Play services for Instant Apps 1.26, Apk Update to download here. The Play Services App have some API changes for Instant Apps and some important Security enhancement.

Do find the App info and change-log below.

Package Name: 1.26-release-171050021 (15894)Uploaded: October 10, 2017 GMT+0530File size: 5.49 MB (5487811 bytes) MinimumAndroid version: 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)Max: 7.1 (Nougat MR1, API 25) Will update this post with the change-log of today's update.
Till the timing Go through the below link to download the APK FILe

Google Play Services v1.26

Gmail v7.9.24 APK Update To Download : Its Supported for All Android Devices

Gmail has been updated to new v7.9.24, the most popular E-Mail app got some new features and enhancements with new v7.9.24 APK update. The app got new settings option and minor changes in the visual actions.

Below are the Change-log of this update :

• You can now change your Google account settings (e.g. profile information, password, privacy settings, etc) under 'My Account' in Settings.
• An updated look for swipe actions in the inbox. Now when you swipe to archive an email, you can 'undo' at the bottom bar.

As I said above the app got new setting option, all the account settings option has been transferred under My Account Settings. And new swipe action look we notified. That will give you the easy feel and faster performance.

You can Get the APK file From Below Link

Gmail v7.9.24 APK

Google Started App Listing Rank for the Top Apps in Play Store

Google Play Store may start showing an app's top chart ranks in its listing

We found something new in the morning today. We have seen app listing rank in the PlayStore for the Top apps of the particular categories.
The new Play Store will work in the new algorithm and your app will also get the rank in the Play Store Search accordingly.
You will see the App rank in new line in Green Color just below the Install/Uninstalll Button.
Which You can see in the below screenshot:

This screenshot is of Spotify I was browsing through the app screen and found above change.
This change will help you to find the best one from the searches. This will give you the idea about the app popularity in the Play Store's Search.
We found this new change in Play Store v8.2 but I haven't seen it in several devices, which are also running the same Play Store version.
Below is the link to download the Latest Play Store Version

Play Store v8.3.41

Latest Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK to Download in Free

Download Latest Google Play Store v8.3.41 APK Update here in free. The mobile app market has been updated with new features and performance enhancements. Do find the full change-log and app info below.
One of the most important Google Family App got performance enhancement & minor visually improvement.
There is no official announcement or change-log we have for this update.
Will update the post very soon, once we done the full hands-on on the APK version.
You Can Download the APK File from below Link
Google Play Store v8.3 APK
Below is the App info : Version: 8.3.41.U-all [0] [FP] 170066753 (80834100)arm Package: 8,303 downloads

Sesame Shortcuts v2.2.2 APK to Download : Most Popular Shortcut App to Download

Sesame Shortcuts app got new APK update to download. Do find the all changes and the full app info here. We are sharing the details from the official sources.


Version 2.2.2 (2017-10-03, build 6031):
- updates Shortcuts tab for better reliability
- improves performance of background data updates

We found above changes in the Today's Sesame Shortcuts APK update.

Go through the below link to download the APK

Sesame Shortcuts v2.2 APK

Secure Your Phone & Get New API Changes to Download in Google Play Services v11.5.18 APK

Google Play Services got new APK update to Download for all Android devices. As we all know that Android is an Open source platform where any one can break the security line in to hack your device. But Google is keeping eyes on all those back ways. to Make Android OS more and more secure and faster.

Here is the new APK update of Google Play Services to download, we are first to have this update to download for all. Go through the link and the end of the post to download the APK File..

Below is the Link to download the APK file of this update

Google Play Services v11.5.18 APK

You will find the app info below.

Version: 11.5.18 (238-170253583) (11518238) arm Package: 1,955 downloads32.29 MB (33,858,398 bytes) This version is supported for all Android 4+ devices so if you also have compatible device so feel free to download this update from below link.

Google Play Services v11.5 APK

Google + Bug Fixes and Speed Improvement : v9.22 APK to Download

Google + got the new update with the enhanced performance and app features improvements. Here is the quick sharing post with the official changelog and the link to download the APK File of this Google+ update.

Change-log ?

• Performance enhancements and bug fixes
• Speed Improvement
• Security Improvement
• Spam Quality Check Feature

Google have made some very useful and important changes in the Google + app the app speed and performance has been improved twice, developers have also fixed the all previous bugs in this update.

Go through the blow link to download the APK FILE

Google + v9.22 APK

Unofficial Google Camera Update with RAW Support and HDR+ Customization Option

Download the Google Camera app update from here to get the RAW App Support and HDR+ Customization options. It supports to all Android device so you don't need any specific device or configuration to install this update.

Do You Want Advanced Google Camera Features on Your Phone? Are You an Pro photographer? Or Do you Use your phone to click the photos of every place you visit. If yes, than this update is for you. Google Camera's most advanced update is here to download for with advanced level customization options and App RAW supports. It will definitely going to enhance your camera using experience.

Below are the Change-log

Recently, Google has added the fantastic HDR+ image processing technology. Which was limited for the Google's devices only. But now all Android user can use that feature with this Google Camera update.

Click on the Below link to download: Direct APK File

Google Camera (Mirror Link)

Below is the screenshot of the Settings screen of new Google Camera app.