Google Maps v9.68 With "Out of Range" Warning and More Advanced Features

Google Maps got new update with some advanced level features for Android users. Yes, The app got the new v9.68 update with intelligent Out of Range warning and more new features. Read all the latest apk updates and change-logs in this blog.

In this post read about Google Maps v9.68 APK update features, phone compatibility, APK details and also know where to download this update.

What’s New? Change-log?

  • Indoor Maps displayed in detail pages
  • Picture-in-Picture dismissal hint
  • Regular Routes toggle in Settings
Above are the new feature which Google added in Google Maps v9.68. Find the screenshots of all these features with the details below.
Indoor Maps : 

Google Maps v9.68 With "Out of Range" Warning and More Advanced Features

Google introduced new Indoor Maps features for Malls, Airports and Train Stations. As it’s quite new feature so, not every country have this feature in their maps. This feature will help you to locate the indoor place in the malls and airports. You can use it to find any particular store in the mall or you can use it to find the your boarding gate in the big airports like Dubai.
Below is the screenshot of the indoor Feature :
Out of range warnings :

This awesome new feature will make your journey more safe and remarkable. Source: “Google Maps team is working on a new feature that can let you know if your car may not be able to make the journey and offer to find a place to recharge along the way.”
This feature will work for all Electric and fuel-based cars.
So, basically this feature will calculate run time of your car and will guide you to make stop to re-charge or refuel your car to reach to your destination.
Go through the below link to download the APK File
That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it. Read full apk handson


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