Google+ v9.27 To Download : Advanced Search Features & More Metrics For Community Owners

Google+ v9.27 To Download : Advanced Search Features & More Metrics For Community Owners

  Google+ got some new improvement for Community owners & moderators. They added new advanced search features in the app which helps community owners to filter the data easily to decrease the spam content from the platform.

Eventually, this update has been released to remove the Spammy content from the Google+ communities.

In this blog you will read about the Google+'s new advanced search feature.

New advanced Search filter will help all users and moderators to find people, posts, communities, events, and collections easily.

The developers have added more new matrics in search filter to find the content you want. They also added new insights tab specially for community owners and moderators to find the community user flow. Which you can find under the manage tab.

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Below are the new Advance search metrics which we found in Google+ v9.27. This metrics and option only available for community owners, moderators and G Suite users.

Searching makes it easy to find things you like or may be interested in.

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google+ app Google+ icon.
In the top right corner, tap Search .
In the top bar, type what you want to search for.
On the bottom right, tap Search .
Your search results include:

Communities: Communities related to what you searched for
People and pages: Profiles and pages that mention what you searched for
Collections: Collections related to what you searched for
Google+ posts: Both public posts, and posts that were shared with you
You can refine a search in Google+ with these advanced searches.

You can also use advance search filter to find the post from any specific user with the below steps.

Just Type :

from: me(user name) or
from: 1235454588499 (User ID)

Above steps will provide you the search results of the particular users.

So, If you are also an community moderator or owners and want this advanced management option so go through the below link to download this update.

Click below to download the APK File

Google+ v9.27 APK