Google App's Latest Update Fixed Laggy Ok Google Android Wear Performance

Back in December when we got OK Google feature for Android Wear devices, we were so much surprised and excited to try it ASAP. But leter we found that OK Google Feature has lot of lag and jittery performance. But, Google has fixed the Laggy app performance in Google App latest update. Yes, Let read in in details about the latest update. As shared on the Google Issue Tracker, the issue has been resolved since the Google app version 7.2.15. You should be on a higher version of the app now for laggy performance fix. But to be sure, you can update the Google app from your Watch’s Play Store. Or we have the Direct link here to save your time. Now, Once you have confirmed your watch have suitable version of the app go to the watch’s personalization settings and enable Ok Google detection again. That’s it. You will feel the better app performance after updating the app to the latest version. It’s still very slow to come up for me. But, still there is a performance improvement in the app.

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Via: Reddit


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