Google Flights Got new Flight Delays Prediction & Cheapest Fare Feature : Grab it Now

Google Flights has got new advance feature to make future predictions for flights. Today we have the full info of new flight delays prediction and other features.

What’s New? or Flight Delays Prediction Feature Hands-on
I know how it feels when you have to reach some where any you can’t be on time just because of the flight delay. Specially in the winter and rainy seasons it happens frequently due to weather. On the start of the Winter, this year, when people go for tropical getaways from the chilly spaces of their homes, flight delays only add to their discomfort.

But, Google Flights latest update brings some interesting new feature which will help you to make your journey more easy and on time.

Google’s latest Flights update use the AI technology to provide you the accurate data to predict irksome flight delays, and it will also provide you the price comparison to book your tickets on cheapest rate.



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