Here we have the quick APK update post. From now we will share every APK update in quick post untill and unless we found an update with some major changes. We took this step to increase the user trust of our website. Please share your thoughts for the same in comment section below. We have opened comment section for everyone without any moderation.

Let’s talk about the update Google+ has been updated to v10.1.0.1 those who are still using the old black themed app version, they must download it your will get better app speed and Network compatibility.

Google+ v10.1.0.187555767 APK update changes?

Today’s update official change-log is this “Performance enhancements and bug fixes” we have found it on, which is well known APK review and APK file sharing website.

Else, we also found that today’s update confirmed the new white theme compatibility for all Android 4+ devices. You can read more about this update in Androidpolice’s Google+ v10.1.0.18 APK teardown.

That’s it Viewers.

Below is the link to download the APK file of this update

Google + v10.1.0.18 APK


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