Google I/O 2018 Keynotes and top announcements. We are re-sharing the Google I/O 2018 keynotes and details about all major announcements. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Presented 15 new announcements at Google I/O 2018. In this post read about the Announcements of Google I/O 2018.

Google Lens, AI & Android P these three where the eye catching announcements of the event.

Google I/O 2018 includes below new announcements :

  • New AI Features for Health Care Sector
  • New Gmail with Artificial Intelligence
  • Camera Suggested Actions
  • TPU 3.0
  • Google Assistant Smart Display
  • New Google News
  • Android P
  • ML Kit
  • Android P Dashboard
  • New Do Not Disturb Feature
  • Wind Down Mode
  • Android P Beta
  • Google Maps New Feature – For You Tab
  • New Google Lense
  • Waymo – Self Driving AI based Car

Above are the Google I/O 2018 keynotes which  you should know if you missed to watch this year. Let find out the details behind all these new announcements.

» New Gmail with AI : Machine Learning Technology included to learn your actions and suggest your the words accordingly. New Compose feature will Auto Type the mails with the single tap on Tab, New Gmail with Compose feature will be available by end of this month to all.

» Camera Suggested Actions :  New Quick sharing and action feature in Google Camera & Google Photos. This feature will automatically identify the person in the photo and will suggestion you to share all of them phone in just one tap.

» TPU 3.0 Chips : This new chips are so powerful and comes with LIquid Cooling technology.

» New Features for Google Assistant : 

– 6 New Voices in Google Assistant
– Google Assistant Continued conversation – Now you don’t need to say Hey Google everytime. You just need to ask your phone whatever you want anytime.
– Google Duplex – For Automatic machine learning technology. Google Assistant Can Make calls also.

» Google Assistant Smart Display : New smart device by Google with Google Assistant and many new features. Learn More

» New Google News : New Google News section with two new segment called.

  • Keep Up the news u care
  • What Matters for You

Android P – With Some Major changes

Digital Wellbeing : Digitalwellbeing include below features.

  • Understand Your habits
  • Focus on what matters to you
  • Switch off and wind down
  • Find Balance for your Family

Adaptive Battery : Android P’s Adaptive battery feature will analyse your usage and action and will automatically changes the phone brightness level.

It works based on below segments :

  • Based on your usage pattern
  • Adaptive Brightness Feature
  • App Actions Features to predict your next act based on your previous act learning
  • Slices For interactive snippets

» ML Kit – New API from Firebase

ML Kit will allow to work Image Labeling, Text Recognition, Face Detection, Barcode scanning, Landmark Detection, Smart Reply features seamlessly.

Android P Dashboard : to Know how you spend time with your device

» Do not disturb feature : New Do not Disturb option will automatically active the silent mode also stop visual interruption.

They added new gesture to quickly active the silent mode which called – New Gesture – Shush it will automatically active the Do not disturb mode when you turn your device back side. It has inbuilt feature called Starred Contacts which will allow the notifications alerts from your important contacts.

» New Wind Down Mode – It’s Advanced machine learning feature which will help your to save battery as well as will also help you to work as per your schedule. For example : Tell Assistant that what time you are going to bed and it will automatically turn your screen gray and turn your phone into the Do not disturb mode for disturb less sleep..

» Android P Beta Program Release : Google officially announced Android P Beta version for selected devices. Below is the list of Android P Beta version compatible devices.

Google Pixel & Flagship Devices of Nokia, Vivo, Oneplus, MI, Sony, Essential, Oppo.

» Google Maps – New For You Tab : Google included new For you tab in Google Maps for personal recommendations and for new visual and accurate navigation experience. It’s designed to tell what you need to know what you care about (Open Placed opening Around, Good Places, Personal Recommendation). They added your Match option for the personal recommendation it will notify you about the places around you i.e New Places, Good places, etc..

You can also vote in real time with latest Google Maps and easy to share location option about the place.

Google Lense Integration in Maps : Google upgraded their camera app which can answer you. Yes, Camera can Answer Questions – Re-Imagine Walking Navigation (New Visual Effects). They included VPS (Visual Positioning System) in the Google lense to show you the best possible view of your route.

» Google Lense : Google lense also got new Smart Text selection feature to to recognize the words and picture.

One more new feature they added in Google Lense which called Style Match this feature will give your the details about the object which you see in the camera app.

Google also said that Google lense will be integrated inside the Google Camera app soon and it will supports Google Pixel, LG G7, Motorola, MI, Sony, Nokia, Transsion, TCL, Oneplus, BQ, Asus – FlagShip devices.

All these new features in Android P will enhance the user experience of Android OS.

» Waymo – Self Driving Cars Waymo is the first self driving car which works based on AI, Deep learning, TPU 3.0 for safe and accurate auto driving.

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Below is the Full Keynote Video Which include all the above details :


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