Android N Name, Release Date, Compatible Mobile/Phone/Devices and Features : Android V7

Android N Name, Release Date, Compatible Mobile/Phone/Devices and Features : Android V7

Android N Name, Release Date, Compatible Mobile/Phone/Devices and Features : Android V7

Google is all set to come with new version of Android OS. Everyone is know that Google planned to release at Google I/O 2016.

Google Officially Released Android N Name: Nougat, Know Everything in Detail

Here  I am sharing all news, rumors and hints about Android N os version from Google and some other sources.

Android 7.0 Nougat Update Release: Get it on Any Smartphone

Android N Name : 
Android N Name : Help Google to Creating A Name for Android N

Google has released Android N Dev Preview 3 : at the first day of Google I/O 2016 google has announced Android N Dev Preview 3. They said this update is just like a stable version. Here is the all features and full changelog of this update.

These are the new features in Android N Dev Preview 3 

  • Quick Switch Shortcut
  • They include more control over notifications size, also added new picture-in-picture mode.
  • They made it best mobile platform for gaming as well. By improving battery and some optimizations and new API (Valkun) developers directly control phone's GPU for sharper 3D graphics.
  • They Includes tweak of recent Apps UI with New Clear All button at top
  • New Switcher

Download Android N Developer Preview 3 From Here

Download Android N Developer Preview From HERE

Android N v7 Release Date :
Confirmed by +Sundar Pichai

Android N Name : 

It's Nougat

Android N name possible to be a name of Sweet? There are lots of rumors and market which suggest Nougat or Nectar, even Naan Bread (which, while it has sweet varieties, isn’t likely). Or might not limit N to generics. Nutella is at tops of my list, but if they want to get really crazy NutRageous would be the best name ever. You can share your thought on this with us.

Android N Compatible Mobile/Phone/Devices :

Know When you get Android N in your phone or Which phones will be the first to get it?

Everyone know that not all phones will get Android N update right away. Coz only 8-9% Android mobiles are running with Android Marshmallow now. But after google's latest Android N feature hint it's confirmed that Android 6p will surely got Android N update. There is also one news in market that Google will release a new Nexus flagship phones with pre-installed Android N version. Major flagship phones of other brands like Samsung, LG and HTC expected to get Android N version.

We will update full list here after the release.

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Latest News about Android N

Android N Features :

Google leaked some screenshots of Android N which confirmed certain features of Android n. Know all at below.

Checkout all Android N features in detail at HERE