XDA Labs APK TO Download | XDA Forum Android App | Official XDA FORUM APK, Features, Change-log

Here is the official APK File and official features of the most popular developer forum XDA Labs (XDA Forum Android App). Below are the features of the app and full change-log of the forum app. Also find the Link to download the APK File.

XDA Labs Features, How to Use, Change-log :

XDA Labs APK TO Download | XDA Forum Android App | Official XDA FORUM APK, Features, Change-log
  • * 1- Swipe to view next/previous attached image of a post instead of having to back out of an image and open the next one > Quoting blk_jack "Right now with the way posts are fetched and structured it was too much work. Maybe in the future though."
  • * 2- Tweak about <current page # / total # of page> in the "Jump to page" drop-down of a thread view: HERE
  • * 3- Add a new "split" button in post/PM creation/edition screens. This "split" button would allow to easily separate a quoted post in different blocks allowing to comment one by one multiple bits of this post: HERE
  • * 4- More formatting tools in POST creation/edition and PM view
  • * 5- Personal history of our previous searches for search plus
  • * 6- Sort/filter/pin options for subscribed threads/forums > will hopefully come soon
  • * 7- Ability to bookmark posts and hold them in a list directly from XDA Labs
  • * 8- Ability to see separate unread counter badges for quotes and mentions: 1 counter badge for each tab title.
  • * 9- Manually (on touch) and/or automatically hide the FAB after a few seconds. For instance in full size attachment picture view and in PM view, etc.
  • * 10- Ability to answer News and Discussion articles directly from XDA Labs > Not sure if it's feasible since it's powered by Disqus.
  • * 11- Ability to answer to Apps/Xposed reviews directly from XDA Labs
  • * 12- Ability to report reviews of Apps/Xposed to some moderators who will be able to delete them if necessary: HERE and HERE
  • * 13- Ability to organize:
  • a) the order of Threads/Forums tabs, 
  • b) the "Subscribed threads" into newly created folders or tabs and these be classified accordingly as each user wished such as "development", "programming", "ROMS", "root", etc.
  • * 14- Ability to see somewhere the WHOLE title of a thread (useful for long titles): HERE.
  • * 15- In Apps, Xposed, Wallpaper tabs, being able to set the views independently for each tab, rather than the view being applied to all three tabs simultaneously.
  • * 16- The app should display an error message if we don't fill the Message subject when we create a PM.
  • * 17- A different rendering (font/size/shade) for the byline displayed in posts. Something more discrete, this way posts would be more readable.
  • * 18- In case of images loading failure in a post, add a mark in the post which shows that there should be image(s) which can't be loaded.
XDA Labs APK TO Download | XDA Forum Android App | Official XDA FORUM APK, Features, Change-log
  • * 19- Add a custom path setting for Forum downloads
  • * 20- Download count for apps in their respective pages. Also in the developer control panel, see download count for each apps separately.
  • * 21- Ability to ignore xposed modules updates like it's already the case for apps.
  • * 22- Resizing large Forum images on server-side if possible, to avoid lags/crashes of Labs.
  • * 23- Ability to report posts directly from XDA Labs > is it a part of "moderation tools" mentioned in the roadmap?
  • * 24- Ability to open external XDA articles with XDA Labs: HERE
  • * 25- Add an "Unread" tab which list all posts across the site: HERE
  • * 26- Improve profile page : add home country, edit profile options directly from XDA Labs, hability to see user's posts (all posts, started threads, thanked posts) from the profile page.
  • * 27- Do not show members' posts which are in the ignore list + add/delete a member to/from the ignore list > It might not be possible at the moment because of an API limitation.
  • * 28- Add a toggle to show/hide WEB signature within XDA Labs
  • * 29- Add an option to choose any language (expand the "Force english" in settings to all system languages): HERE
  • * 30- The XDA avatar, which is circle in shape, has a white holo that bound the icon. It should be good to set the default background color for avatar to the post-card background color (eg #1A1A1A)? It will look a lot smoother that way: HERE
  • * 31- Add an Exit button in navdrawer and also a double tap or long-press action (configurable by a toggle in settings) on back button allowing to close every opened stacks and close XDA Labs: HERE, HERE and HERE
  • * 32- How about adding a yellow circle around the profile pic that show thanks level (not thanks counter but thanks level/bar)?
  • * 33- Some moderators title colors are missing in XDA Labs, would it be possible to complete this list and to fit to the website rendering? Idea from Sir @malybru on July 2016 HERE.
  • * 34- Show a progress bar of how far attachment is uploaded.
  • * 35- Add an info button (i) in every devices' threads (if possible) for the device information on the side of the Device Name.
  • * 36- When viewing a thread or forum the header collapses to make more screen space available. Could that be made optional? (more info HERE).
  • * 37- Links color is not easily readable with white theme, especially in quoted messages. could it be changed to a more readable color in both white and dark themes? HERE
  • * 38- Handling of 'Custom' Emotes, for example: 
  • * 39- Ability to open images in full screen within Labs news articles (both featured image of the title background and images of the article itself) just like attached pics in forum posts. HERE and HERE.
  • * 40- Ability to remove or at least hide some participated threads within XDA Labs. Related posts:
  • * 41- Theming of app pages are done with respect to color of the app icon. But sometimes it gets hard to read texts of buttons on "dark mode" of XDA Labs. Could there be some kind of filter to decide whether the hex code of app icon color is near or confusable with hex code of background color of dark mode so that it uses white text (or default orange text) instead of such colors on those app pages? HERE, answered HERE.
  • * 42- Accessibility support: Label all unlabelled buttons so the app is more accessible with talkback.
App/APK Version Details : 

  • Status: Beta
  • Current Beta Version:
  • Beta Release Date: 2017-09-15
App Contributors
blk_jack, svetius, bitpushr, rwestergren

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XDA Labs v.01 Beta APK to downlaod