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Download a Dozen Google Play Paid apps in Free : Grab it Now

Over a dozen Google Play apps discounted for Halloween, mostly games
Halloween is but a day away, and to celebrate the season several developers are slashing down their apps on Google Play to as low as $.49, with the majority hovering around the $.99 range. Considering that some of these apps price as high as around $7 normally – there’s some great deals here.

Most of these are games not apps, though there are a few fitness apps thrown in, many of which have a game-like twist, such as Zombies Run.

In addition to the games available through this sale, Amazon also has its own offer for those interested. And for those that aren’t necessarily looking for just sale items, be sure to check out Joe’s list of best horror games, and his list of best apps with Halloween in mind. 
What do you think of the apps listed above, any of them you’d recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments.