Android 7.0 N Rumors & Everything You Need to Know So Far From Sundar PiChai

Android 7.0 N Rumors & Everything You Need to Know So Far From Sundar PiChai

Chances are, you haven't even been bumped up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow yet, but that hasn't stopped techie tongues from wagging all over the shop about Android 7.0.

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It's early days yet, but a number of not-ridiculous-sounding rumors about Google's next mobile operating system have already made the headlines, and we've gathered them all in one place. Here's all of the Android N news and rumors we've found so far.

What’s Android N Going to be Called?

When is an Android N Release Date Expected?

Ahh, technology calendar. Always so predictable. The next version of Android will almost certainly drop at Google I/O 2016, which will almost certainly take place at the beginning of June. While Google will show off a number of Android N's headline features there, only the Developer Preview of the software will be made available at the time. Hell, we still won’t have an official name at that point. That'll be revealed during one of the summer following months.

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October is when we're most likely to see Android 7.0 land, though a September release isn't off the table. It'll come pre-installed on whichever new Nexus-branded devices Google decides to launch ahead of Halloween, and will slowly be fed to older Nexus phones and tablets, before arriving on the various other flagships around the turn of the year.

Android N Supported Devices :

Google appears to have developed a taste for Huawei. Following the creation and release of the Nexus 6P, it looks like the two companies are collaborating once more for the latest in the Nexus 7 line. The rumored tablet will pick up where the Nexus 7 (2013) left off, with a 7-inch display, buttons and some physical stuff to hold it in place.

If skeptics are to be believed, Huawei reckons the Nexus 7 could improve its standing in western markets, while Google could gain some ground with the Play Store in China. We couldn't possibly comment though.

Android N Features:

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Here's where it really gets tasty. In a Reddit AMA, Android and Chrome UX director Glen Murphy confirmed that Google's working on ways to make Android a more work-friendly platform. Simply put, they want to make it easier for users to multi-task. Hurrah! Android phone and tablet manufacturers, such as Samsung, have been offering multi-tasking features for a long time, but Android N could be the first version of the OS to offer it as standard.
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