Android N 7.0 Name : Know, What’s Android N Going to be Called?

Android N 7.0 Name : Know, What’s Android N Going to be Called?

Google revealed the features of it's upcoming Android version, Android N. Know the name of the Android N here.

Know, What’s Android N Going to be Called?

This is the bit that people seem to get most excited about. Features and functionality are way down the page, right where they belong. Its all about that sweet-toothed guessing game. Google’s famous practice of going through the alphabet and naming its Android operating systems after sugary treats invites speculation. We already know the next version of Android will start with the letter ‘N’.

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The top candidates right now are Nougat, Nectar and Neopolitan (really?), though the brand names Nutella and Nerds have also been touted - not unprecedented after Kit-Kat. However, we’re desperately hoping that Google decides to have a little fun and throw us a curveball with one of the following: Noghl, Nonpareils, Nanaimo, Natillas, Neenish tart, Norman tart, Nonnevot, Namkhaeng sai, Nǎiyóu sū bǐng, Nunt, Nut roll or Nun's farts (thanks Wikipedia). Spoilt for choice.

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