Leaked Features of Google's Upcoming Android Version "Android N"

Leaked Features of Google's Upcoming Android Version "Android N"
Everyone knows that Google is now working on next Android Version "Android N".

Here are the all features of upcoming os of Android. 
  • Split screen and multi window : Multi-window and split screen, with the addition of native stylus inputs. Bigger phones and tablets would really be helpful with this.
  • Messaging standard similar to iMessages for Android
  • Native Stylus support
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  • Standard for Android Stylus support and Open sourced for 3rd party and app develpment : Like adding a small button where the eraser would be and using that to turn on the phone, or activate a notes app or black the screen out for instant note taking and just save it to Drive automatically. The stylus support alone would be amazing and it would open it up for third party apps like evernote to do stuff as well.
  • Controls in heads up notifications (like a textbox for replying to texts straight from the notification)
  • Google Now launcher API (so 3rd party launchers can put Google Now on the left most screen)
  • API for screen off gestures
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  • Force touch support
  • Dark UI mode (and switching based on time of day)
  • More quick toggles
Know more Features at here
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