Google PlayStore Got v6.1.12 Update with new icon : Download APK

Play Store v6.1.12 Leaked, with New iCons and More Enhancements : Download APK

It's interesting that We just received a Play Store v6.1.12 APK, and we decided to do some investigating. We headed to a nice APK decompiler and started sifting through some lines of code; you know, just to compare. The last thing we wanna do is infect a ton of people’s phones with some junk.

These are the first few lines of code from v6.0.5:
<manifest xmlns:“” android:versionCode=“80430500” android:versionName=“6.0.5” package=“” platformBuildVersionCode=“23” platformBuildVersionName=“6.0-2166767”>
And from v6.1.12, which we recieved: 
<manifest xmlns:“” android:versionCode=“80441200” android:versionName=“6.1.12” package=“” platformBuildVersionCode=“23” platformBuildVersionName=“6.0-2438415”>
After digging a little deeper, all of the previously revealed “family” strings are still there. However, it appears that nothing new has been added, (as far as I can tell, I’m no pro developer), since it was revealed back in v5.12. So, what could Google be waiting for?


Play Store v6.1.12 Leaked, with New iCons and More Enhancements : Download APK

As far as we can tell, it looks like the same APK as 6.0.5, except for one thing:

 - New redeem icon

- My Apps spinner seems to freeze up while loading

Conclusion :

Although this leak didn’t add any new awesome features, it’s a pretty big bump in version from v6.0.5 to v6.1.12—which is what leads us to believe this is probably an internal version. Regardless, we’ve been running it for the better part of a day and the functionality is completely there.

Download APK File From HERE

Google Play Store v6.1.12.APK
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