Download This App to Speed up Your Android Experience

Download This App to Speed up Your Android Experience

Simplicity is one of the important strengths of Android OS. User like Android's easy User-Interface, but what if you can get even easier and even faster experience in your Android phone. Yes I found it, I did deep analysis and found one app which will help you to speed up your Android experience.

Easy App Switcher is the name of that app it's fastest solution to improve your Android mobile speed.

What is EAS: Easy App Switcher?

This app will adds a floating icon to your Android display. Its essential function is to switch between your two most recently-used apps.

e.g.. "If you are browsing the internet while taking part in a WhatsApp conversation, simply tap the button to quickly swap between these two apps. "

Why this app is great?

Normally,if you wish to return to a WhatsApp conversation from Chrome, you can't hit the return key (this app will bring you to your previous Chrome page). You can hit the recent apps menu, and then select WhatsApp, and that's fine. But that's also a two-step process.

It's major reason EAS is effective is because it removes one of the navigation steps in Android; tapping this app will switch between both apps in one move.

Other Features?

This app will let you open up if you swipe across it, can also reveal a history of your recently used apps, as well as a shortcut to your favorites (which you can set in the main app menu).

What's more :

You can also theme the floating icon to an extent: you can adjust its size and transparency to suit your personal tastes.


One problem with EAS: Easy App Switcher is that, no matter where you put it or what size it is, it can get in the way: this is inherent in all floating apps and I'm yet to see a solution to it. If it could be applied to the bottom shortcuts bar this would be much more preferable (I'd even prefer this to the recent apps menu, to be honest).

Download EAS from HERE :


Reference : AndroidPIT
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