(Update: Notification shade mockups)Google Confirmed Android v7.0 N Features, Release Date and Everything

Google Confirmed Android v7.0 N Features, Release Date and Everything

Google confirmed the upcoming Android version features and other details. Know at below.

Confirmed Android N v7.0 Release Date :

  • Android N developer preview at I/O May 18 2016
  • Final Version Will be release in October or early November 2016
Confirmed Android N Features :

UPDATE : Google Released below new things of Android N :

Revamped notification shade/quick settings panel

Quick Settings Panel : Notification Shade

Google released screenshot of Android N Quick Settings Panel : We got first glimpse of it on Android Police they launched it first.

Google Released New Screenshots of Android N show new Notifications Shade and Quick Settings Panel
Features :
  • You can see the really cool sliding animation as the compressed bar of toggles move down to the full QS. Like the notifications, & it's full-width now.
  • They Expanded WiFi and Bluetooth icons, which is properly visible in the version we've seen either.
  • New edit button They added, which indicating that Google is bringing the UI tuner options into the main quick settings.
Image courtesy : AndroidPolice

Android N Notifications Shade Screenshot : First Look

Android Police has launched the first screenshot of Android N notification shade with new mockup.
Google Released New Screenshots of Android N show new Notifications Shade and Quick Settings Panel
  • We have noticed that notifications are full-width, and the separation between items is less distinct.
  • Each item in the list also includes a line with the app that produced the notification.
  • That information is available in the current notification UI, but you have to long-press to see it.
  • Notifications also appear to be able to display some limited color text elements.
  • App icons are smaller and less obvious as well. See below for a comparison of the old vs. new UI.
Image courtesy : AndroidPolice

Multi-window mode : Google Coming with Multi-window mode for Android mobiles with this update. This feature has been confirmed by Reddit AMA 

Better tablet support : They are making this version for more functional multi-tasking (and I’m not just talking about multi-window here), a real push for tablet-optimized apps (rather than just blown-up phone apps), customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps and tablet-specific System UI Tuner features.

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Moving to OpenJDK from Java APIs : Google is officially be making the switch to OpenJDK in Android N. It’s still Oracle code, but OpenJDK is, as the name, suggests, part of the open-source Java Development Kit.

Google confirmed: “we plan to move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers to build apps and services.”

Stock stylus support : Samsung Confirmed this feature, they hinted at stock stylus support in Android N by planning to retire several of the main S Pen features from its Look API.

New messaging app : Google Planned to introduce an all-new messaging app with Android N to replace the largely unpopular Hangouts SMS/MMs. New messaging app will be based on the Rich Communications Services (RCS) platform, which allows for much more than just talk and text to be shuttled around, including video chat, file sharing and instant messaging. Google has publicly admitted its commitment to the RSC standard, but there’s no telling yet if it’s anywhere near ready for inclusion in Android N.

Expected/Rumours Android N features :

Android users are expecting below features in upcoming OS version.

  • Improved Smart Lock for Passwords
  • Return of the Dark Theme
  • MOAR battery optimization
  • Enhanced security and app stability

  • Android N Rumors :

    No Android N app drawer

    Everyone knows that there is rumor in market that Android N will not have one of the Android’s most iconic features App Drawer in Android N version.

    We found some evidence during the MWC 2016 show, which started piling up, with the LG G5 and HTC One X9 these phones came without an app drawer and the Galaxy S7 having an option to remove it.

    While the new Sony still have the app drawer their latest phone Xperia X range does have an app drawer, but Sony’s Marshmallow concept provides a “classic” and “modern” view – with and without the app drawer.

    Google Confirmed Android N will not have App Drawer :

    Google released Google Maps App update official video which as good as confirmation of Android N will not have App drawer.

    Here is the Google's Official Tweet with video : Which confirmed that Android N will not have app drawer.

    Android Authority Says : 

    Absence of the app drawer in Android N, by showing a Nexus 6P with no app drawer shortcut on the home screen. However, the black nav bar, 5:00 time, Google app re-named as Search and only three apps in the dock could just mean this is a quick render and not a sign of things to come. It would just be a very convenient coincidence if it’s not true.

    Android N Name ?

    Google Confirmed Android N Name: Nougat

    Sundar Pichai said he'd ask his mother or let fans vote for the official Android N name. So it's still secret what will be the name of Android N version.

    Keep in touch will us for more updates and do share this post with more Android users.

    All these detail I got from Android Authority so all are treatable details.

    Source : AndroidAuthority
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