Google Confirmed Android 7-N This Feature : Android N May not have an app drawer

Google Released One More News : Android N May not have an app drawer

There is one more news for Android N by Google. That they are planning to removing the app drawer from Android OS. Which means next version of Android On (Android N) will not have an app drawer.

These statement said by : Two separate sources that pre-release Android N builds currently do not include an app drawer.

AndrodAuthority confirmed this news.

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If it goes ahead, the move will likely be seen as undermining one of the foundations of Android – that of customization and individuality – but it is already obvious that Google is not entirely happy with the app drawer.

Removing the app drawer altogether would reintroduce the preferred horizontal app icon structure while removing the step of actually launching the app drawer. It would also make finding and uninstalling apps an arguably simpler process than it is now.

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