Hangouts Get Update with New Direct Peer-To-Peer Calling Feature : Download APK

Hangouts Can Now Bypass Google's Servers And Place Calls Using A Direct Peer-To-Peer Connection : Download APK

Google Hangouts got new cool update with new direct calling feature. Know everything in detail at below.

What's New?

Google Hangouts can now bypass Google's Servers and Place Calls using a direct peer-to-peer connection. This new change will reduces the number of hoops your call needs to jump through, and also improving audio and video quality.

On the downside, establishing a connection this way reveals both of your IP addresses. This makes it possible to get an approximate idea of your location. For most people, this won't be a problem. Grandma already knows where you live. But if you're conducting an interview and want to keep your location a secret, this is something to look out for.

Download APK Update From HERE

Hangouts 7.0.113317058 (x86) (213, 240dpi)
Hangouts 7.0.113317058 (x86) (160dpi)
Hangouts 7.0.113317058 (x86) (nodpi)
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