Google Released Android N Preview : List of Compatible Devices and Link to Download

Google Released Android N Preview : List of Compatible Devices and Link to Download

Google launches first preview of Android N. Find out what new feature they have added in this upcoming Android os. Multi-window, Direct reply notifications, Bundled notifications, Efficiency , Improved Java 8 language support, etc.. These all are the main new features of upcoming Android OS, find more at below.

Google Released : First Preview of Android N: Developer APIs & Tools

What's New/features in Android N? : First Android N Previews :

Here is the link of Android N Developer Preview

Google Said on Developer Blog :

Today we’re happy to announce a Developer Preview of the N release of Android! We’re doing something a little different this year by releasing the preview early… really early. By releasing a “work in progress” build earlier in development, we have more time to incorporate developer feedback. Also, the earlier preview allows us to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer, so they can get their hands on the latest version of Android earlier than ever. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback as you get your apps ready for N.

Here are some highlighted features of Android N Developer Preview :

Multi-window - They added new split screen mode to launch all running activities in your phone with adjustable window size. Know More

Direct reply Notifications: They added RemoteInput notification API, for Android N for phones and tablets. You can reply to incoming message notifications quickly with this feature. Read more

 Bundled notifications - They added new Builder.setGroup() method to group notifications from the same app together - for example individual messages from a messaging app. Grouped notifications can be expanded into individual notifications by using a two-finger gesture or tapping the new expansion button. Learn more here.

Efficiency - They improved Doze in N, which will additionally saves battery whenever the screen turns off. Know more

 Improved Java 8 language support - We’re excited to bring Java 8 language features to Android. With Android's Jack compiler, you can now use many popular Java 8 language features, including lambdas and more, on Android versions as far back as Gingerbread. Know more

Get Started now with All new Android N Developer preview From below.

Android N Preview Compatible Devices/Mobiles will run on below listed phones :

  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player
  • Nexus 9 and Pixel C devices 
  • Developers can get a $150 discount on Pixel C
You can also update your Android devices to the developer preview of N and receive ongoing updates via OTA by visiting

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