LG UX 5.0 Official video : Shows us a Glimpse of New LG's UI & New Software Highlights

LG UX 5.0 Official video : Shows us a glimpse of New LG's UI & New Software Highlights
I got the official video by LG which shows glimpse of new design and abilities of LG UX 5.0. As we all know that UI makes differences in All Android devices. That's the only way which help manufacturers to make themselves looking different by other Android devices.

Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC comes with Sense and LG has UX. Now let's take a look at LG UX 5.0. Lots of users and desperately waiting to see the LG UX 5.0. Here we found the official video from LG with some brief look of new LG UX 5.0.

Video Source : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCabfiEzAwNHfShgmt2Y--Yw

What Makes LG UX 5.0 Special? Have you Found anything new in above video?

Here what I found in this video : They improved their camera app and made it pretty cool with some new features like "Auto Shot", Multi view, Pop out picture, and film effect. They also added feature to take with multi-pal cameras at the same time.

They also added Manager App to control all the LG accessories and modules. This app will help you to manage your accessories and find the right apps to control them.

Now lets go to the actual UI part : They made it very simple and quick, they removed app drawer. They made things less confusing and much more streamlined. And they also added option to switch to the previous version direct through the settings if you don't like it.

They also introduced LG Health, Smart Doctor, World Clock and LG Backup in video. If you interested to know what LG has stored for you, than you can sigh up for LG G5.