Android N Name, Android N Release Date, Android N Features, Compatible Devices : Everything You want to Know

Android N Name, Android N Release Date, Android N Features, Compatible Devices : Everything You want to Know

Every Android user is now to very excited to know about Google's Upcoming OS Android N. Every one want to know about it's features, Release date, Android most important thing Name of this Android OS. I am also one of them, no worry here I get everything you want to know about Android N.

Everything details I gathered from the authorized sources to share with all my visitors. You can find all below detail here about Android N.

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These all are the most important things, All Android users are looking for now about Android N. I have provided the link of the posts with at above, you can click on the link to know about the particular part of Android N OS.

Now move on the latest news about Android N. Here are the all latest news Which I found about Android N.

Date : 24 April 2016

Here is the Latest Change-logs of Android N Dev Preview 2 : Elliott Hughes Posted this changelogs on his Google+ Profile.

  • Data Transfer
    • Much faster performance on push, pull, and sync operations.
    • Progress feedback during push, pull, and sync operations.
    • Command line arguments for push and pull are interpreted more like scp (Secure Copy).
  • Shell Commands
    • Returns the exit code from remote processes.
    • Distinguishes stdout and stderr.
    • Passes stdin through to remote processes. This makes it possible to pipe results of a local process into a remote process.
    • Passes window size and terminal type (useful for proper formatting).
    • Shell commands can now exceed 1024 characters.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Windows support is greatly improved.
    • More stability for automated testing
    • Helpful diagnostics for adb/fastboot Linux USB permissions problems
    • Other improvements to command-line tools like ls and sed.

Date : 22, April 2016

Google released First Android N Developer Preview version for Non nexus device and Sony Xperia Z3 is the first non nexus phone to get access to run Android N Developer preview.

Android N Developer Preview Non Nexus version is also included all new features of Android N Dev Preview. Second version of Android N Dev Preview is available to work on D6603 and D66553 Z3 Models. Sony users can download it from Sony's official website and can flash it manually on your device.

Here is the Direct link of Sony's official Website

Date : 18, April 2016

Android N Name, 3D Touch Feature

Google added iPhone Like 3D Touch to Android N, Google added "launcher shortcuts" support to Android N dev preview. These feature will give you iPhone like 3D touch feature on Android devices.

Date : 14, April 2016

Google improved graphics support on Android N Dev preview with it's second Android N Dev preview release.

First Android N dev preview version was supported Vulkan graphics API, which was helping to reduce the amount of background processing power drawn from a CPU during running intensive apps.

Here is the Google's Word for this :

“Combined with a threading-friendly API design which allows multiple cores to be used in parallel with high efficiency, this offers a significant boost in performance for draw-call heavy applications. With Android N, we’ve made Vulkan a part of the platform; you can try it out on supported devices running Developer Preview 2,”
They also added new set of Emojis on second version of Android N Dev preview.

Get Android N's New Emoji On Any Android Device

Date : 7 April 2016

Google allowed Android N Dev preview support for OEM Partner devices.

Here is the link to download Android N Dev Preview for Non Nexus Devices

Date : 17 May 2016

Google added new "Freeform Mode" to "Resize Apps" on Android N, this feature will help users to resize apps windows.
Google's words for this feature :
Manufacturers of larger devices can choose to enable freeform mode, in which the user can freely resize each activity. If the manufacturer enables this feature, the device offers freeform mode in addition to split-screen mode."
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