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Download Android N Preview Build For Non-Nexus Devices

Download Android N Preview Build For Non-Nexus Devices

Google has surprised us by releasing Android N preview last month. Google is yet to announce the name of Android N but rumors are already on Nutella.

Android N stable version will be released in a couple of months in Google's I/O 2016 Developer event.

Currently, Android N preview build is available for selected Nexus devices only, but Google is planning to expand the beta program for few others OEMs as well. Which means non-Nexus users will also get the chance to try an Android N developer preview.

I found this new at Reddit : Reddit user released latest Android N Code.

There’s a line inside the code which reads, “accompanying Android Beta program for consumers, starting later in the preview — more supported devices, including devices from OEM partners — seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing.”

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It would be nice to have Android N preview for other devices If Google allows other OEM partners not only Motorola but LG, Samsung and HTC to be a part of this testing program.

It would be a very good move, if more people are able to test Android N preview build. It would increase the chances to find more bugs and issues for a better results for stable version.

Stay tunes, you will also get the chance to try out the Android N preview build on your phone.

Will update the download link soon.