Google Confirmed Android N 3D Touch Feature : Android N New Feature

Google Confirmed Android N 3D Touch Feature : Android N New Feature

Google has confirmed that Android N will come with iPhone like 3D touch feature in it's Android N version. This feature will come with the ability to recognize pressure-sensitive input and Google may have found a way to implement it.

So we might see pressure-sensitive display in next Nexus version. Maybe in Nexus 7P. As Google confirmed native software support for the hardware in Android N.

So we will see the next version of Nexus device with the 3D touch feature. Google has confirmed it that, they have launched new launcher shortcut, which will work on pressure-sensitive displays. This improvement will let developers to create apps and gestures to make use of capability on compatible mobiles.

I found the list of devices, which will come with Force Touch display. As it's high end a supportive features so a list of devices with this feature is limited right now. Only below listed mobiles will support it.
  • Huawei Mate S
  • Vernee Apollo
  • ZTE Axon Mini
Good thing is we already have Force Touch alternatives to use on Android, is Long-Press and Gestures.  But still all Android users are eager to get force-sensitive display on current year Nexus or in some new Nexus device with some out of the boundaries' features in Android 7.0 update.

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