Google Maps got v9.23 Update for Android with New visual Distinct Notifications & Automatic Offline maps : Download APK

Google Maps got v9.23 Update for Android with New visual Dsitinct Notifications & Automatic Offline maps : Download APK

Google has released one more update of its app. They updated Google Maps Android app with some major enhancements. They improved the look and accessibility with this update. I have downloaded this update on my phone to show you the new features and new look of this update.

What's New in Google Maps v9.23?

Improved Navigation Notification : New update will now give you distinctive style notification in white text on a green background. As you can see in above image, The persistent notification that comes with navigation no longer avilable.

This new feature will help users to get back on the way back where they actually should be on while driving. They highlighed the maps notifications to easyly read navigation notifications from top three or four notifications.

Notifications For Timeline Events : One more feature they added for notification option. This new feature will look on your past to fix mistakes.

I found this on AndroidPolice :
If you peek in on your timeline very often, you'll probably notice there can be a lot of mistakes in there. Maps does its best to make educated guesses about the locations we visit, but it can't get everything right. For the last few months, Maps has included prompts in the Timeline view to allow for making quick fixes, but you won't see those if you don't look there often. Now, Maps wants to be a little more upfront and ask you through notifications.
Automatically Download Offline Areas : Google added new feature to Automatically download offline areas. This feature will help you to keep on your way to your destination, Google maps will act smarter and identify the areas you are and will download those maps automatically so you wont't have to worry about to losing navigation with low network connectivity.

Shortcut to Post a Photo in Reviews : They added new shortcut to post photo in reviews, you just need to go to the list of reviews and tap the overflow option. They added new third menu item "Post a photo". This feature make faster to add photos.

New Live Traffic : They are testing new live traffic feature by combination of historical data and live information to predict the future traffic condition. Which will help users to choose the right way to reach on their destination.

Notification for places that need a picture : Google will now notify you to take picture of the places of your location if they want to add some more photos of that particular place.

Download Google maps v9.23 APK File From HERE

Google Maps APK
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