Google Released Voice Access Beta App : Control Your Phone Completely by Voice

Google Released Voice Access Beta App : Control Your Phone Completely by Voice

Google has announced voice access beta app for Android users. It's futuristic app, which will help you to access all features and options of your phone by voice.

We heard about voice action in Google I/O 2015, but after that we didn't hear anything about it. Now, Google released the beta app on Play Store. App will run in Android 5.0 and higher phones.

This app will help you to control your entire phone, each and every function by voice. Google announced it on official Google blog today.

How to Use it?

  • To use Voice Actions, app you have to join the beta from here.
  • Now after joining the beta program download the app from link at the end of the post.
  • App will use the accessibility service to read your phone's screen and to identify all the elements you can interact with. 
  • You also have to activate OK Google everywhere on your phone, which will allow you to turn on voice access at any time without touching the phone. 

Once you activate it, App will place a number to each buttons/feature/option and all other elements on your phone. You just have to tell a number of the element or function to work, and it will happen. App will also let you scroll, open notifications, long-press, and go to the home scree with your voice. Whatever order you will give to your phone. Words will be shown on the top of the screen over the status bar as it processes them.

This feature will help those who can't operate touch screen phones. I also found the mirror link of this app from APK Mirror, if you want to grab it from there directly.

Link to Download this App on any Android phone :

Voice Access : Playboard

Voice Access : Play Store
Voice Access : APK Mirror

Source : APKMIRROR, Google BLOG
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