6 New Major Changes in Android After Android N Preview 3 at Google I/O 2016

6 New Major Changes in Android After Android N Preview 3 at Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016 conference just finished before 2 days. There are lots new things they have released this year & also there are lots of new improvements and changes they have done in Android OS.

All Android users were very desperate to know the name of Android N OS. But Google haven't announced it yet. Google said they make the name of Android N after a dessert name which beginning with N.

You can suggest your own names for Android N at here.

Here are the new changes I found in Android OS after Google I/O 2016 :

New Split Screen Mode : Every Android user know about Split Screen, It's new feature in Android N which will let you run two apps at once, either stacked one above the other or side by side. Samsung has added this feature to some of their phones before an year ago. Apple also added this feature in their latest OS version iOS 9.

Simpler Multitasking : Google made multitasking more simple, In Android N. Switching from one to other app to another. Till now Android was like seemingly infinite list of every recent app you've opened.

But in Android N Google made it more simple and easy to access. Android N has smart auto clean feature. That feature will automatically sweep away apps/Close app which you haven't used in a while. According to one research, most of the people only flipped through seven recent apps in this list and let you swipe the whole thing clean. In Android N to jump back to the last app you just need to tap the recent apps button twice.

New Smart Design : Google has changed entire design of Android N. Know more about New Android N Design at : Here

More Interactive Notifications : Now you can easily reply to message from notification with the help of quick reply option of Android N. With new feature Android N will let you respond to app's notification direct from the notification bar.

Longer Battery Life : Android N has new Done on the Go feature which is similar to the Marshmallow Doze feature but far better than that. Doze is the Go have all the same features which Doze was having in marshmallow but, in Android N this feature stop working when your phone is in motion. Which make it different from doze.

New Security Tweaks : Android N has some new advanced security tweaks, which can't access play and media data to system and save your mobile from stage-fright like virus.

They made it more smarter, all security updates will download and install in the background. Whenever you restart the phone it will complete the install. So you don't have to wait for long time while your Android phone is downloading security updates.
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