Android N-Ify V0.2 APK Update with New Android N Design Features & Notification Bar

Android N-Ify V0.2 APK Update with New Android N Design Features & Notification Bar
We all know what Android N-IFY is. It's the fastest way to get Android N features on any Android 5+ devices. Android N-IFY got a new update with some new features and improvements.

Finally, after a long wait, we got the first update of Android N-IFY. They added some new features like, Android N Notifications design, Android N quick settings option and recants. I haven't found Quick reply yet, but it will be surely in a future update. Its second version of Android N-ify, they included some new Android N features and design changes in this update. I have downloaded this update to explore the new features of Android N-IFY v0.2.

Here is the full Change-log of this update.
  • New Notification Design: They added new notification design in this update, just like Android N dev preview 3.
  • New status bar header design: I also found design changes in the status bar, they changed the header's full design.
  • New Recents design: Recents app option also got new design changes in this update. They added Android N Dev preview 3 style recents app design.
  • More double-tap Fixes: They fixed double tap bug.
  • Use recents button to: They added Android N actions to this update, now you can do more things by using recents button. Follow below instructions :
    •   - Return to last app
    •   - Return to current app
    •   - Navigate through recents
  • Option to restart SystemUI: It's one of my favorite feature in this update. They added new system restart option, which will help you to reset UI in default mode.
  • App theme switch
  • About screen in app
  • An option to force English app language: They added a new translation feature which will translate below listed languages in English. (Dutch, Farsi, French, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translation)
Bugs Fixes:
  • Some "clear all" buttons aren't working, disable the tweak to fix that for now
  • On some devices the volume panel and heads up notifications don't use the full width
You can Download APK File of this update form from  below link:

Android N-IFY v.02