Download Android N Developer Preview 3 : Compatible Devices, Full Changelog & Features

Download Android N Developer Preview 3 : Compatible Devices, Full Changelog & Features

Google I/O 2016 Day 1 is finished, they announced lots of new things this year. Some new apps like Duo, Android N UI tweaks and all features and they also released Android N Developer Preview 3. I found the links to download it. You can check the features and full change log at below.

Android N Developer Preview 3 Changelog/Features :
  • They Includes tweak of recent Apps UI with New Clear All button at top
  • New Switcher

  • Quick Switch Shortcut
  • They include more control over notifications size, also added new picture-in-picture mode.
  • They made it best mobile platform for gaming as well. By improving battery and some optimizations and new API (Valkun) developers directly control phone's GPU for sharper 3D graphics. 
I will update more here very soon.

Know How to Download Android Dev Preview 3 :

There are 2-3 ways to get this new preview build installed on your phone. But only selected device will get this update.

Here is the List of Compatible Devices : 

Nexus 6, 6P, 5X, Pixel C, and other supported devices.

There are OTA updates rolling out now for those in the beta program. Just go to the update menu and it you will get the update available there to download.

Those update files can be downloaded from Google's dev page too. The images are live for most devices as well (build NPD35K). These packages can be installed on a device even if it's not running the preview yet.

Google said : Android Dev Preview 3 is more stable and actually encouraged developers to Install it on their main phone. They also said : They included a preliminary version of the Daydream VR(Google's New Feature Day 1 Google 2016) dev tools and tweaks to the way recent app handled.
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