Get 3D Touch to Any Android Device With This New Software

Get 3D Touch to Any Android Device With This New Software

3D touch is now available for all Android device. Now you can use iPhone like 3D touch feature on your Android device with this new software. 3D touch work based on beneath the screen to detect and determine pressure.

Almost every Android users is dieing to get this feature on their phone. But I found one software to get 3D touch feature on all android device. An research at University of Michigan released one software called ForcePhone.

They did lots of research and given the solution to access 3D touch feature by using sonar technology , just like we have seen in Batman Movie(The Dark Knight). They turned all the Gotham city into a sonar system with smartphones just like that this Force phone software work the same way.

As you have seen in the video this software use the Microphone and speaker of your phone to work and to pass the action to the system. That's why it can be installed in any smartphone device.

We will update the link to download force-phone software for all Android device here soon. Keep visiting us again on this page to get this app.

Force Phone App to Download 

Force Phone(I will update link soon)

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