New Android N Features From Google I/O 2016 & Android Dev Preview 3

New Android N Features From Google I/O 2016 & Android Dev Preview 3

Here is the all features of Android N. I have downloaded the Android Dev Preview 3 and found all below listed new features.

As we all know that Android N is the most popular mobile OS in the world. In the way to security updates and new Emoji. Google has integrated New interactive assistant service and better battery efficiency in Android N Dev preview 3.

Let's look at the top new features Google has added in Android N.

Google Assistant : Google added new assistant software in latest version of  Android N. New improved assistant software will let you engage in more back and forth dialogue with the Android devices in the way to get things done.

Instant Apps : It's one of the new feature of Android N by Google. They added some new instant apps to android. Instant Apps will lets you access some selected apps without download and install. This feature will be useful for digital payment transactions, where you can pay with Android Pay.

New Multi-window Feature : Samsung and LG has released multi-window feature on their flagship mobiles before few years. But this feature is now available for many more Android mobiles. Using two apps at once has become an standard on Android phones and tablets. With the split screen you can see two apps on once screen. It's also similar to Apple's multi-window feature.

Reply in a notification : Android N will lets you reply to text messages and other messaging apps from notification shade. When you get a new message or notification a little alert will pop up at the top of the screen with the reply option from any where in your phone.

Bundles of notifications : This new feature will help you to group together. If your notification menu is full of alerts, than you can use this feature to manage them. This app will make a group of notification and you'll see the bundle/groups of notifications from each app in the notification menu. You just need to tap the bundle to expand it and see alert.

Doze on the Go : Google introduced this feature in Android Marshmallow version. It's a battery saving setting or feature which control useage of background computing that kicks in when your phone is not in use. Doze on the Go is work in the same way, except your phone in motion(Like your phone is in your pocket). Google is also working on new Project Svelte, they are making new feature/app which reduce the amount of memory Android needs.

Night Mode : Just like Apple's new Night shift feature, Google added new Night mode option to Android N. This feature save your eyes and reduce strain from using phone in night. This feature will make your screen yellow, which save your eyes in compare to normal brightness screen.

Android...Nougat...Nutella? : It's still an question that What will be the name of an Android N. There are lots of rumors and news about Android N Name. But, Google release and name suggetion option for ANdroid N to all Android lovers. Check here to know Android N Name :
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