Google Clock v4.4 APK Update With New Visuals Changes and More

Google Clock v4.4 APK Update With New Visuals Changes and More
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The Google Android N clock got a new update with some new features and new design changes. Google is planning for something new I have downloaded this update. I found some new features like inline volume control and more. Know more in detail at below.

What's New?
  • Google made so many new changes in this update they added new Inline volume control option. I found new volume adjusting slider in the settings screen. In older version there is only button available here, which popped up the system volume for alarms.
  • Second thing which I found is new vibrating timers: It's the second new thing they added in settings menu which allows timers to vibrate when they finish their countdown. 

  • Third thing they added is, new Page Icon Alignment. The first thing I noticed in this update is the page indicators which are spanning across the top of the screen have been pushed to the left. I don't get any idea why they made this change. But still there is some change in it. They also changed Date format in this update. Date format has been changed, now it shows the date in capital letter.

  • Some more changes there in this update like, APK size shrank by nearly 1MB, Possibly a couple of animation bugs?
You can download this update APK File from below.

Google Clock v4.4 APK
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