How to Install Android N Now on Any Android 6+ Compatible Devices

How to Install Android N Now on Any Android 6+ Compatible Devices

Hello, readers Yes, it's not a troll it's true. I got the full tutorial to Install Google's most advanced OS, Android N on any Android 6+ compatible devices. Recently, Google has released the 4th developer preview version of the Android N OS.

Very soon we will get the stable version of Android N. And very soon we will know the name of the OS, you can check this post to know about the Android N Name and releasing date. Android N Name

Let's back to the point, I am sharing the full tutorial to Install Android N Now on your Android device. But before we move ahead, you have to check the compatibility of an Android N OS. Rather your phone is compatible to Install Android N Or not.

Here is the list of the Android N Compatible Devices: You should have any of the below listed mobile to move further.
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 9

  • Nexus 5x
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player

  • Google Pixel C
  • Android One
If you have any of the above devices than just follow the next step.

Installing an Android beta version on any device is a big headache, That's the main reason to share this post with all you my visitors. Google is also thinking of their users, this time they made Installing process very simple and easy. You just need to keep in your mind that it's not the final version, so you might face some bugs and glitches after installing it.

As I said Android N installation process is very easy, so you don't need to be worried now. To download Android N you just need to join Google's new Beta Program. Once you join the beta program, then, Any device from the above list will receive an OTA update.
  • Here is the place where you can join Google Beta program to get Android N OTA update: Just open this link in your browser. You will be asked to sing-in with your Google account.
  • Once you scroll down the page, you will see the heading 'Eligible devices' with the name of compatible devices.
  • Find the name of your nexus device from the list and click the green button with the name Enroll Device.
  • Mark the box to agree the terms and conditions.
  • You will get the pop up message to notify you that your device has been enrolled in the beta program. Now you will receive an OTA update to the beta version of Android. Now click Ok.

  • You will instantly get the notification to download the OTA update on your device or it might take 24 hours sometimes to get noticed. Or you can also check for the system update from the System Menu. If previously you have flashed Android Marshmallow on the device, hen you will not receive the OTA update and you will get this message "verification has failed". In that case you will need to install it manually.
  • Once you get the notification to download the update, just tap the download button and go for it.
  • The next window will show you that, it will install a preview version of the Android N on your device, with new features like multi-window, direct-reply, etc.. Update File size is 850MB for Nexus 6.
  • Once you complete the downloading, Tap restart & install to begin the process.
Congratulation, you are done with the installation, Now you will automatically get notification of new version updates. Until the Google release the final version of Android N.
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  1. im using Android one (micromax canvas a1) running Android 6.0.1.
    the above page says my device is not eligible, so can't i install Android N on my device yet?

    1. Yes, Vikas you can Install it on your phone just follow the process. If you found your phone in the list of the "Eligible devices" then proceed further.

    2. it says my device is NOT eligble

  2. Untuk hp zenfone 2 sendiri apa kah bisa ?

  3. Untuk hp zenfone 2 sendiri apa kah bisa ?

  4. i am using nexus 6p...when doing this process my data will be lost??????? or i should back up the data before doing this....

    1. as it is an OTA update from android itself, no need of making backup, it does automatically n restores after the update. so no worries of losing ur data.

  5. After doing this beta update...will i get official OTA update of N..

    1. this itself is a beta update of N, just enroll ur device thru above link n u get the official OTA update notification on ur device very soon.

  6. So sad @vikas Try with some other phone

  7. beta program is stable?? will i use daily driver...

  8. No it's not stable version... it's beta version only...

  9. How Much read not see My Xperia Z5 get uppdate But got uppdate 6.0.1 in last week why not My mobile on list get uppdate are in my mind something Like to know.
    Say are like Z5 model are forgot Exist even IF read New post of wtch mobile get New uppdate Z5 not in list But Z2,3,3+ But Not Z5 My last Z2 My Mother get from me got 6.0.1 before mine Z5 are something Wrong IF order get it before New.
    Say M4,5 got it before Z5 are it Better buy Budget mobile IF like best uppdate are not Topmodel get this first and New are just in april bough't it???
    Last Sony buy IF Pay Much for Highend Topmodel Will Be Treat like first Customer get best uppdate not be Last one get it???
    How think in Customer IF forget Them Who buy Exklusive not get last uppdate first???
    IF happen in N uppdate let me Wait to Last one get it shoul'd Be same Day X and X performsnce Will Z5 and Z5 Premium get same uppdate First not last and Budget are not go before Topmodel that so Wrong why shoul'd buy Expensive IF get Better IF buy Cheap??
    Have been a bit irritataited in buy in Z5 When serm's like forgot Exist anymore and that Will Be last buy are like Samsung Note 2 tablet not got L on it yet and are 4G version very Expensive and kitkat are so bad.
    Say just seems like Sony even IF get uppdate on Sony get it last are a bit Better than Samsung They not uppdate at all very bad Note are very Expensive and so bad forget Customer and say Sony do same thing Every mobile and Tablet get 6.0.1 before My Z5 and are just 3 month old???
    Didsapointed and first time Sony let me Down But this are like Not My mobile Exist are Not in any list in any uppdate in all like it not Exist so are a suprice it Come But that do that not have any idé of co set in other uppdate When all model's exept Z5 are in list so not know IF co or not so Just irritatsted on not know what CSN do or not are very bad IF old Z2 are on list bit not Z5 How know IF Can uppdate for are Real good stuff like to Take in But Not in list so not know....
    Most irritation Customer in Sweden..

    1. Did u installed OTA update or, you installed directly??