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MSQRD v1.6.4 APK Update With New Raccoon Effect: Download Now

MSQRD v1.6.4 APK Update With New Raccoon Effect: Download Now

MSQRD is the current trend in App market. Lots of people around the world using this update. The app has more than 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 installs from Play Store. It's the most popular app now, people use this app to make their selfies with the different faces.

The app got the new update today with some new features and new faces. They also fixed some bugs like Facebook Log-in error, etc... I have downloaded this update to show new features to my visitors.

What's New?
  • I found the new raccoon face effect after this update. I have installed this update on my Nexus 6P. Working very smooth and faster.
  • I also found some bug fixes in this update like, They fixed the issue while login with Facebook and also fixed the black camera issue. Previous version was crashing on my Android N devices, they also fixed that bug in this update.

  • Else, Minor speed and performance improvements found in this update, the app is now working very fast and smoothly.

Overall, this update is worth to download for all MSQRD lovers. You will get new effect and lag free version. You can download this update from below link:

MSQRD v1.6.4 APK