Play Store Got an Inbuilt Uninstall Manager: Download the Update Now!

Play Store Get inbuilt Uninstall Manager: Download the Update Now!

Google Play Store got a new inbuilt uninstall manager to manage all applications on your phones. Google silently added this feature in Play Store app, I realized about this new feature after last update.

As we know things, has been changed over the time. There are lots of apps on Play Store which are more than 1GB & to use those apps you will also need big numbers of storage available on your phone. To manage all these apps, Google added cool new function uninstall manager in Play Store app.

The primary purpose of this app is to clear space & managing apps on your device. This new app will give you a suggestion regarding which app is taking up how much space and how much more space you will need to install any new app. You will get a notification message from Play Store app to make space to use or download app.

Play Store Get inbuilt Uninstall Manager: Download the Update Now!

This new app will analyze your phone's every file and will recommend you to make space according to the analysis data. It will also recommend you to delete unused media files. So make sure that you keep a backup file before removing anything.

This will help you to manage your phone storage with the proper data analysis, directly from the play store app.

You just need to download latest play store version to get this feature on your phone. You can download it from below link.

Play Store v6.7.13 APK
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