Would you like to Replace Allo with Hangouts?

Would you like to Replacing Allo with Hangouts?

Google has released new chat app Allo at Google I/O 2016. Here is the link to download it on your Android phone.

Allo v0.1 APK

We still didn't have any idea, why Google released this app. As we already have one of the most popular Chat app Hangouts from Google. Then why they released this new chat app. Many Hangouts used have this question, that Is Google going to replace Hangouts with Allo? Or They are going to continue these 2 platforms?

It's a very Big question for now.

What's your views for this? Do you think Hangouts should be replaced by Allo? You can share your vote at below poll.

Do you think Google Allo should replace Hangouts? Share your vote at below: