Apps You Should Avoid to Download While Playing Pokemon Go

Apps You Should Avoid to Download While Playing Pokemon Go

Be careful, guys please avoid to download this lock screen on your Android device. It will infect your mobile when you play Pokemon Go.

As we all know Pokémon Go is such a popular game, people ad mad to play this game. But with the entertainment we should also take care of our mobile to save from malware. People used to search for the similar apps on the store for tips, tricks, cheats, etc... And that is where developers come malware that try to use the famous game as bait.

Yes, you should avoid to download and install some similar apps to save your Android device from malware. I found some apps which can harm your phone when you play Pokemon GO. Find the details at below.

First App:

Tematizada Pokemon GO Lockscreen: It's Pokemon Go lock screen app. ESET (The Informatica Security Company), found that the app with the name "Go Ultimate Pokemon", blocking Android mobile's screen just after you open Pokemon Go game. The app force you to turn off your device to insert the malware on your Android device.

Since the app the only available for some selected countries, these developers made the way to get attentions on their click bait. They released fake app version which you can download in any country. Go Pokemon Ultimate is the perfect example of that. The research found that this game is infected with malware.

Play Store has also failed to filter all these apps. Pokemon Go Ultimate doesn't have any bad sign on the store listing and still ranking for the terms on the Play Store.

So kindly avoid unofficial and fake apps to install from Play Store to Play Pokemon Go. It can harm your Android mobile.

If you accidentally installed Ultimate Pokemon Go, Here how you can uninstall it.

Once you restart your phone after installing this app. The app will be hidden from the menu and also from the uninstall menu. You can uninstall it only from the settings menu. Go to the settings menu then app manager and look for the app with the name IP Network. Tap on the name of the app and uninstall it.

Other names are here, which you should avoid to download.

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Keep Your mobile safe and be aware of fake apps.