How to Install & Play Pokemon Go on Any Android Device: Pokemon Go Tips

How to Install &Play Pokemon Go on Any Android Device: Pokemon Go Tips

Are you a Pokemon Fan? If yes, then here is the good news for you. As we all know now a days Pokemon Go game is the most popular Android game. People are mad to play this game. It's first augmented reality Android game.

First of all, What is Pokemon Go? You should know about it...

It's an augmented reality Android game. You just need to find Pokemon by roaming around in real life, you will be notified when a Pokemon is around to catch on your mobile display. This game will use your camera. It's really very advanced and cool game. As this game uses your real life surroundings as the map for the game.

How to Install & Play Pokemon Go on Android Devices.

Official release of Pokemon Go is only for some selected countries, but I have the APK file to install this game by avoiding region restrictions. Just go through below link to download APK file of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go APK

Once got the APK file, follow the instructions to complete the Installation process.

Now Open the game and start playing it..

Know, How to Play Pokemon Go? :

Here are the Top points which covered in the guide:

  • Catch your first Pokémon
  • Character XP and levels

  • Pokéstops
  • Your Pokédex
  • The shop
  • Powering up and evolving your Pokémon
  • Items
  • Eggs
  • Pokémon Gyms

Catch your First Pokemon: Once you setup the profile perfectly, then you will be shown your first Pokemon on the world map!. Just touch the Pokemon and attempt to catch it.

Use your fingers to throw a Pokeball to catch Pokemon. When you catch a Pokemon you will get Candy and Stardust, both will help you to power up Pokemon.

Character XP and Levels: 

All your character will starts as a trainer level, you need to improve them level quickly. Just follow below steps to improve character XP and levels.

  • You will get 100XP by catching any Pokemon
  • You will get 500Xp by catching new Pokemon
  • You will get 10XP by throwing curveball Pokemon

  • You will get 10XP for Nice Catch
  • You will get 50XP for Great Catch
  • You will get 50XP for Spinning a Pokestop.

You can check your journal and view your model progress from the bottom left of the screen. Just click on your trainer's photo.

Pokestops: Blue points on your map are Pokestops. They fetch you XP as well as gear. When you come close to a Pokestop in the real world, it will expand and will show you a Pokeball symbol. Spinning stop circular icon will give you Pokeballs, eggs and other items.

Eggs: Eggs which you have uncovered at Pokestops you can access from the Pokemon area.

You can see, how far you'll have to walk to hatch Eggs by clicking on them.

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