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How to Save Battery and Data while Playing Pokemon Go

How to Save Battery and Data while Playing Pokemon Go

It's most popular and first mobile augmented reality game which has a record breaking users. People are dying to play this game on their mobile.

Here is one Good news for you. The APK file is now available to download for all regions. Download Pokemon Go v0.29.2 from here.

As we all know that Pokemon Go is the huge battery hog. As the game uses your phones GPS, graphics processor, cellular radio and camera and it will also keep your screen on.

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To know how much battery does Pokemon Go really drain, we did one test.

Pokemon Go Battery Test:

I did this test with 100% full battery in my mobile.

Also checked below factors:

  • Screen brightness (brighter = more battery drain)
  • Cell strength (less = more battery drain as phone tries to boost the signal)
  • Background applications (we wanted to be sure we were measuring Pokemon Go, not other apps)

I did testing with My Nexus 6P:

I turned off the auto brightness option, disabled all our background apps and made sure we walked the exact same route around at the same place each time to control for cellular strength.

Then I did the route twice more: In the second round I browsed Facebook instead of playing Pokemon Go, and one where we simply listened to Spotify with the phone in a pocket.

And in the last I played, Spotify while playing Pokemon Go to see if there might be a compound effect.

Each round took 30 minutes, and I recharged the phone to 100% between each round.

Here is the result:

I found that Pokemon Go used lots of battery, but not a data. I observed that Pokemon Go used 10MB of data in a half hour of play.

Here is the battery result:

  • Pokemon Go = 15% in 30 Minutes Play
  • Facebook = 5% for 30 Minutes' use
  • Spotify Offline = 0% of 30 minutes
  • Pokemon Go and Spotify Together = 17% in 30 Minutes

Know How you can save battery while Playing Pokemon GO:

Keep screen Brightness at 20%: I usually play Pokemon Go with 20% screen brightness.

Stop Using multiple app: Don't use any other app in the background while playing Pokemon Go.

Keep on Battery saver mode: use battery saver mode while playing Pokemon GO.

You also share your ideas to save battery while playing Pokemon Go by commenting below.