Pokemon GO Tips: How to Farm More Stardust and Candy Quickly

Pokemon GO Tips: How to Farm More Stardust and Candy Quickly

Quick important tips for Pokemon Lovers. I found the way to Farm Stardust and candy quickly. Lots of people are trying to collect some new Pokemons. Most of the action starts after Level 5 in the game. Once you choose your team, you will face the challenges which require more stardust and candy to overcome. So I got a cool trick to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go.

Candy and Stardust, both will help your Pokemon and Make them stronger. Your Pokemon has tot two stats, Hit Point and Combat Points.

CP of your Pokemon will increase along with your trainer level, so you just need to be active always.

Here how you can make your Pokemon more stronger.

First of all Make them evolve, grow them into something better. For that you will need candy, and stardust will help you to make your Pokemon more powerful.

Here how you can Quickly increase the candy and stardust:

Catch More and More Pokemon It will increase your Stardust
If you want to make any specific Pokemon stronger, Just collect the same Pokmeon As many as you can.

 Every Pokmeon Catch will give you 100 stardust

Catch new Pokemons as fast as you can to quickly increase the stardust and candy. You can also buy Incense from Game shop, that will help you to attract towards Pokemon location.