Now Record & Send Videos on Hangouts with Hangouts v11.0.1 APK Update Download Now

Now Record & Send Videos on Hangouts with Hangouts v11.0.1 APK Update Download Now

Hangouts v11.1.125 APK
update with new option to record and send videos to any of your contacts. Google has released the latest update of Hangouts messenger with some new features and improvements.

We are addicted of Hangouts to chat with someone, and Recently, Google released an option to share files on it. Today's Hangouts update got a very useful feature for Android users.

Google added new video messaging feature to its hangouts app. So now you can record and share video on Hangouts with your friends. One more feature Google added in its Play Family app from Android N.

Google first allowed iOS users to record and send video in Feb 2014. After almost 2 years they released this feature for Android users.

App Detail: 

The Hangouts app is now updated to v11.0.125 with the build number 23256876 and 23256383. The app will be supported for all Android 4.1+ devices, as the update available in 320dpi and 400-480dpi version. The file size of this update is 26.07MB.

App Change-log:
  • Video Messaging
  • Removed Conversations Merging feature
Video messaging: Google added new video messaging feature in Hangouts app for Android users. Almost after 2 years they made this feature available for Android users. This new feature will let you take record and send the video to all your contacts in Hangouts.

Removed Conversations Merging Feature: Google has removed conversation, merging feature from
Hangouts app. Now you can't merge the chat conversation.

To be clear, You can still send SMS from hangouts with this update, but after this update, it will not let you switch between Hangouts and SMS within a single conversation thread.

Know More about it:  Conversation merging is no longer available

Overall, I found this update worth to download. You can download this updates APK file from below link:

Hangouts APK v11

APK file is Google certified. 
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