Download Google's New Next Gen. Nexus Launcher, It May Debut on the 2016 Nexus Devices

Download Google's New Next Gen. Nexus Launcher, It May Debut on the 2016 Nexus Devices
I found multiple reliable sources, that claimed that Google plans to debut a brand-new launcher for Nexus mobiles, most likely on their 2016 nexus smartphone.

Here is the clear evidence from the one of the top reliable website Android Police.

Here are some pointers from the Android Police for the next nexus launcher. Which proves that this launcher is going to be the debut in  the next Nexus device.

  • If this launcher represents the final design choices Google will implement (it may very well change)
  • If the launcher will be a Nexus exclusive (though we believe it will be at this time)
  • How much the experience will change when Google Assistant / Now On Tap / Search etc. are updated for the experience (the version you see here likely doesn't represent the new Google Search app)

They said that, they are very confident that Google is currently working on this project, and here are the footprints of that.

First Evidence:

They shared a number of animated GIFs which shows the excellent feature's and the design's first view.

Here is the first evidence, this new launched update does away with the app drawer icon. You can see in the image that,  they have increased the number of the app icons to the 5. They also made changes in the app drawer, you will get two options to access the app drawer.

1 You can Slide Up anywhere to open the app drawer
2 You can just tap the arrow itself, which will reveal the drawer instantly.

And to close the app drawer menu, you just need to swipe down from anywhere or just hit the back button.


Here is the second evidence, the Home Screen view. I found that the Google search widget has been removed from its place in this update, and they merged it with the calendar widget. You just need to tap on that G to launch Google search app.

Android police claimed that they suspected the animation around the new G button may change with the new updates of the Google search app. They also claimed that, the launcher comes with the new buttons.

As we all are expected to see the new nav buttons to launch and new assistant with the new UI.

Finally, the pane, switch animation now uses a horizontally-scrolling line to show which homescreen you're on, instead of the dots you see in  the current version of Now launcher.

I will shortly update the link to download this launcher Till that Enjoy our other posts. Just Click on Home to go back to the Home screen.

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