Play Store v6.9 APK Update with New Custom Interface and App Streaming Feature: Download Now!!!

Play Store v6.9 APK Update with New Custom Interface and App Streaming Feature: Download Now!!!

As we all know that, Play Store is the most Important app for Android devices. Google has released a new update yesterday for Android users with some new exciting features. Find the full change-log and other details at below.

What's New/Change-Log

There are some interesting features I found in today's update, which point to some of the things, which we can look forward to in the future.

  • New Built in App streaming interface
  • Custom Interface for Purchasing Experience for Cardboard
These two are the main changes I found in today's update.

New Built in App streaming interface: 

Some time ago, Google has added a new feature called streaming app to its Play Store. They added this feature to help users to know how a piece of App would look and work on their Android devices without installing it. This feature actually runs the app on a remote server and throw back an image to the user so they can interact with it as if it were installed. It's such an amazing feature.

Now, they added that feature for Mobile users also, now you can stream live games of apps to see the features of it without installing it. But there is a limitation that you can't stream every app and game on your mobile as the selection of apps and games that could be streamed was limited.

You will get the similar experience, just like an web results. They added new "Try Now" button in the Play Store app. You will find that button on App page.

You will get a 10 minute time limit to try out any app or game with streaming app feature, after which users are encouraged to purchase the game to continue playing.

Custom Interface for Purchasing Experience for Cardboard: Google has added new advanced features to enhance the purchasing experience via using cardboard.

Google added new easy purchasing interface which helps users to easily purchase any app using cardboard. Cardboard users to complete a purchase without pulling them out of the virtual world. One of the key traits for this is the screen orientation, which only shows up in the landscape.

I found it very interesting, Maybe this will become a part of the full browsing and buying experience in the future.

We're still looking for more changes, so hit the download link below and take a look around for yourself.

Download the APK File of this Update from below link:

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