Google+ Apk Update to Download : Get the Improved Google+ Notifications Design

Download Google+ Apk Update: Get the Improved Google+ Notifications Design
Google has released the new notification design for Google+ Android app. Here I got the screenshots and all features details of this update, Also know how to get this new notification layout.

New Improved Notification Panel:

Google updated this new notification design on server side few months ago. But, removed from the server after some time. Here I found the way to get the new Google+ notification panel on your phone.

Here are the changes in the new design:
  • The new design will only show you what you wanted to see.
  • Google added new filters for the notification panel, which will help you to manage all your notifications.
  • One more new option I found in this update, Which is the new notification dismiss option. This new option will let you dismiss the unread notifications. You just need to swipe right to left to dismiss the notification or update.
It's possible you've had these features for a while I found some Android users seem to have been on the new version for months. For the rest of others, need to update their Google+ app with the latest version. Just go through the below link to download the APK file.

Click below to Download latest Google+ Update

Google+ APK to Download

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