Google Play Music v7.0 Update with New Smart Features & New Home Screen

Google Play Music v7.0 Update with New Smart Features & New Home Screen

Google has launched the new update of its Play Music app. Google added some new smart features in the music app in this update. Know everything about this update at below.

Google Play Music New Update Details:

Google Play Music Got v7.0 APK update. Here are the other details about this APK update.
  • APK File SIze: 18.49MB
  • APK Supported Device: Android 4.1 to Android 7.1 Nougat Devices.
Let's talk about new features of this update now.

Google officially announced the below new features of Google Play Music on Google blog.

Here are the screenshots of this new update.

Google Play Music v7.0 Update with New Smart Features & New Home Screen


New Smarter Recommendations:

This is the main feature of this update. Google has improved recommendation engine in this update. The app will analyze your listening history to determine the types of music you love to hear. The app will also track your location, local weather, time of day and possibly all the activities to provide the best recommendations according your choice.

New Home Screen Changes:

I also found some new changes in the home screen of the app. Below is the new home screen layout at below.

As you have seen the above photo, some visual changes also made by Google in this update. They added new row at the top, which will display all your recently played music items. Click the title link to see the full page with individual tracks, radio stations, and full playlists which have been played in the past.

Else, I also found some visual changes in groups sections.

Offline Music Cache:

Google also made some changes in offline mode. They redesigned the offline mode with some new features. The new offline mode is very smart and logical. It promises to store music for offline based on your recently played music. There are still different ways to interpret Google's wording, it sounds like the new version might be simply keeping a copy of of songs as they are played, then clears out older, unplayed tracks as they age. Like the other forms of offline playback, this one is only for subscribers.

Overall it's worth to download this update. Find the download link at the end of this post.

Click below to Download the APK File

Google Play Music APK
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