How to Get Your Android App Featured Section in Play Store in Free : It Will Boost Your App Popularity

How to Get Your Android App Featured Section in Play Store in Free : It Will Boost Your App Popularity
Hello, Today I have nice trick or Way you can say to get your Android app featured in the Google Play Store. This will help you to boost your Android app's downloads as well as the reviews.

Estimated Read Time for this trick is 2 minutes and 30 Secs.

This trick is like a dream comes true for all Android developers. That their app promoted by Google itself, it's quite challenging, but I got the quick solution for you to get it done.

Here is the right strategy to get your app in Featured section:

This will help you to get the return of your investment in Android app development.

Here are the few step you need to follow :

1st - Stay True To Google's Expectations:

Google always expects the honesty and the truth from its users. You just need to keep your content appropriate to your target audience’s age and maturity level.

Use unique content for your app to get more and more downloads and to get ranked first. Hence, remain honest with Google Play to get their promotion for your app. Further, keep your users informed about what details you collect from them and how you are going to use them.

2nd Don't Break the Rules:

Do not go Against the Ethics, say no to content that promote violence, sale or purchase illegal drugs or alcohol.

Also keep away from sexually explicit content, child endangerment content and content that promote bullying and harassment.

3rd - Focus On UX And App Performance :

Work Hard on your app performance and UX, Google don't get the rank to the apps that take too long to respond and do not encourage user engagement and personalization are more likely to find place in the trash.

4th - Start Off With A Low Memory Footprint:

Always try to keep your app size within 100 MB, because exceeding that size would not only hamper app performance but design aspects and user experience as well. If your app needs more than 100 MB then remember not to pack the complete file altogether. Rather use APK expansion files, up to maximum two files each of 2 GB maximum size which will be hosted on the server of Google Play and facilitate it as demanded by the target device.

5th - Promote Your App Effectively:

Promote your app to get more traffic and boost up the number of downloads and installation. Also create a social buzz by reaching out to your target audience on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and Pinterest.

So, these were some of the tips to get your app featured on Google Play. 
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