How to Use WhatsApp's New Photos Based Status Feature: Download Latest WhatsApp Update

How to Use WhatsApp's New Photos Based Status Feature: Download Latest WhatsApp Update
WhatsApp messaging all got the most important updated of the year.

The new update has a cool new photo based stories feature, which called WhatsApp Status for the Android users. Which is basically like Snapchat and Instagram.

Know how to use the new WhatsApp Status Feature on your Android phone.

What is WhatsApp Status ?

WhatsApp Status is the Snapchat and Instagram Stories like feature, which will let you share a photo as a status for 24 hour with all your contacts.

As we all know that, our smartphones are multimedia hubs, so it makes sense that Statuses are now picture based – even if it whiffs a bit of copying others.

Here How WhatsApp Status looks like.

How to Use WhatsApp's New Photos Based Status Feature: Download Latest WhatsApp Update

Above are the screenshots of all WhatsApp Status feature screens.

Here, is the full tutorial : How to Post a WhatsApp Status and Share it with your Contacts.

In Android the you will 4 options at the top bar instead of three Call, Chats and Contacts tabs.

New version have a new camera button first at the left side in the top bar, than Chats, Status and Calls Tab.

The new camera button allows you to send a photo or small video to a contact quickly.

Let's start the tutorial just follow the below steps to learn how to use WhatsApp Status feature.

To send a new status, you need to tap on the Status tab at the top row. That status will be available for 24 hours.

Once you tap to the Status tab click on the My Status option  to start taking photo or video.

You can then take a photo with a tap, or hold to take a video. Hopefully something more interesting than porridge:

Once you've found anything or any quote or image to set as your status, you can take the picture (or shoot the video!), then WhatsApp gives you the option to add a caption, text, emojis, GIFs and more. Once you're done, hit the blue paper aeroplane icon to send:

Once you've sent, all of your contacts can view your Status by tapping Status, where all their contacts' posts will appear under 'Recent Updates'. They will see the screen below:

You are Done!

How to Change Who Can See your WhatsApp Status: Whatsapp Status privacy setting.

You can set different privacy settings for your WhatsApp status, you can choose the limited people to see your status.

Just tap the status tab and then click on the option button to find the status privacy option.

You will get the all options there to restrict people to see your WhatsApp Status image or video.,

Last, but important thing for WhatsApp Status.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Status:

In any cases, if you want to delete your WhatsApp status, just tap status in the bottom left of WhatsApp, then tap My Status at the top of the screen. Your Status will display with an eye icon on the button on it with the number of people who have viewed it (mine, predictably, was 0).

You then simply tap the bin icon, and delete.

You can also tap the arrow next to the bin to send the Status directly to a specific contact.

Click Below to Download the Latest WhatsApp Version to get this Update:

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