Here is the Feature and Change-log of Android O v8

Android O official Name, Android O Release Date, Android O Compatible Mobile/Phone/Devices and Android O Features to know Google OS Android o - V 8

Below is the Official Logo of Android O:

Here is the Feature and Change-log of Android O v8

Google has released an developer version of its upcoming Android version O, The main focus of this new Android version to reduce the battery usage to improve the battery life and to improve the notifications.

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Several native app changes we have in the Android O version. Google has made a promise to improve the battery life with Android o. The upcoming OS have lots of new changes and features. Let's discuss it below.

Android O v8.0 Features/Change-logs:

Picture-in-Picture (PIP): Just like an Android Smart TV Google included the PIP mode in Android O version. The PIP feature will help you to maintain a view on select media, such a video. It's like a multi-window option.

New Notification Channels: New notification look and channels coming in the Android O, new feature will show you the notifications according to the defined categories. Basically, these channels will allow developers to provide users more control over different kinds of notifications. According to Google’s changelog, “Users can block or change the behavior of each channel individually, rather than managing all of the app’s notifications together.”

Below is the screenshot of the new Android O notification panel:

Here is the Feature and Change-log of Android O v8

Adaptive Icons: Developers made major changes in the Android O icons designs. I found that the developers can create adaptive icons that the system can display in different shapes based on a mask selected by the device. We’ve seen implementations of this from companies such as Samsung, but with it being native to Android now, users should see much better control and options. Furthermore, the system (Android O) animates interactions with the icons, like in the launcher, shortcuts, Settings menu, sharing dialogs, and in the overview screen.

Background Limits: Background limits is the new feature Android O, Google promised that Android O will improve the battery life for all Android users.  With the implementation of additional automatic limits on what apps can do in the background. Specifically, three main areas are being worked on: Implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates. As per the Google, “These changes will make it easier to create apps that have minimal impact on a user’s device and battery.

Autofill APIs: Google included platform support for the autofill in Android O.This feature will let you fill out data and transaction forms quickly. You just need to select an autofill application to start. The Autofill app will store your data securely. You can quickly access that data whenever you need it.

High-Quality Bluetooth Audio Codecs and Connectivity: Google used High quality LDAC codec for bluetooth audio codecs for high quality audio performance. Google also added new Wifi features in Android O, like Wifi Aware.

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